ASFA BIF WildAbout Windwalker Bravizzimo WRCh, ORC, SR, JC

(Windwalker Zantanon WRCh, ORC, RCh x Am Ch Do It Wild And Get Lucky FCh, CRX, OTRM, SR)
Born December 10th, 2012

Height: 21 1/2″, 36lbs


Pictorial Pedigree & Stats


Better known as The Mutant, Bravo resides with Cathy & Rick York and the Clarity Whippets in Whitestown, Indiana. After a gracilis tear in 2010, Bravo officially retired. In his prime, Bravo had his fair share of exciting races and we were all thrilled with he finished his WRCh and ORC. He may not look like he was built for speed, but he ran some very impressive races.

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