WildAbout Double Dog Dare WRCh

(Ringdove Parker Eaton RCh, ORC, WRCh x WildAbout Spirit of Windwalker CRXIV, OTRMIII, SR)
Born November 14th, 2010

Height: 22 1/4″ Weight: 43lbs


Pictorial Pedigree & Stats


Nova lives with Megan Pallatin in Indianapolis, IN and is co-owned with WildAbout Whippets! which means he gets to spend all sorts of time wih his sister, Fig. When Nova was just over a year old he was attacked by another dog while out on a walk. He had extensive damage to his epaxial muslces. We were worried he may never race physically or mentally. Nova’s shear determination through six months of rehab proved he was something special. Nova sports obvious scars from the attack, but we hardly remember Nova without them. He has certainly been the super star of the litter by finishing his WRCh in just a few meets and has most of his ORC points. Nova isn’t satisfied with racing alone, so he picked up dock diving as a hobby and placed first in the Junior Division in his very first competiton. Nova certainly takes after his mama when it comes to trying new activities… anything goes! Nova has a soft spot in all of our hearts as he reminds us so much of Grandpa Zeeno.

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