Kenny P

Multiple NOTRA meet winner

2012 National NOTRA meet winner

2013 NOTRA Derby meet winner

WildAbout’s La Flama Blanca ORC

(WildBlues Turn Me Loose WRChX, SORC x WildAbout Windwalker Stargazer WRCh, OTRMIII)
Born September 9th, 2010

Height: 21 1/2″ Weight: 33lbs


Pictorial Pedigree & Stats

Kenny P

Kenny P was staying right here at WildAbout Whippets! He was Kim and Trent’s pick from the day the litter was born. A rather obnoxious baby pup earned him the name of Kenny P. Anyone heard of Eastbound and Down? However, Kenny is all business on the track. He placed second in the National WRA and NAWRA puppy runs in 2011 and decided that was not good enough… Kenny went on to WIN the 2012 NOTRA National!!!

2013 certainly did NOT disappoint as Kenny won the NOTRA Derby in Telapachi, CA!

Kenny has sired a limited number of litters:

Kenny x Bella

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